"pre release" by Five Finger Punch: First place in the oldscool demo compo 2015.

The gist

Dates: 1-3 july 2016
Entrance fee: 300 SEK

We do not handle cash so you pay by card on arrival.

This year, like last year, you absolutely have to pre-register to gain access to the party, if you are not on the visitors list when the party start we will not let you inside. This goes for EVERYONE. We do not offer discounted day tickets, and our price is non-negotiable!

This is the sixth edition of Edison and we try to improve from year to year to make sure Edison will be an awesome demoscene experience.

The core of any demoparty are the compos and we try our hardest to give you the best possible video and audio quality for your old and newskool productions.

Below you'll find general information about the event and the party's features.

Live acts

Zabutom, a true demoscene hero. We are extremely honored to have hime kick off this years Edison. If you have not seen him live before you are in for a treat, and if you have, well then you know you cant miss it!

Dexter & Sinister, famous for their intense and wildly cooperative sets from Syntax Error, goes all out with a new Happy Hardcore concept to get us jumping up and down on Friday night!


There will be a foodtruck present with a selection of meat and vegetarian/vegan food and beer.
There are also several restaurants in the vicinity, and we'll provide you with information on where you can buy important stuff like coke and crisps.
We'll provide the all important breakfast on Saturday and Sunday!


Shower in a seperate part of the venue will be open at certain times during the party.


Tents are preferred if you want to get some sleep as there is limited space inside the party hall.

Sponsors of Edison 2016: