When going by plane we recommend the Arlanda or Bromma airports. Taxi directly from Arlanda to the party shouldn't be more than around 550 SEK, so if you are a group of people that's recommended. From Bromma it should be even less.


Go to Stockholm central station. From there it's a matter of either taking a cab or going by the metro. If you want to go by metro, the closest stop is Tensta, and from there it's a 1.5 kilometer walk to the party.


Going by taxi from Stockholm central station is easy if you use the designated taxi area outside - the cabs there are regulated and won't charge any exuberant fees. It is located in the front of the building. Turn to the left when exiting through the main doors.


The map below gives some hints. From the E18, take the exit at Spånga Kyrkväg and immediately turn left and follow Krällingegränd, going under the E18. You can now see Eggeby gård immediately in front of you.


This map shows how to walk to the party.

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